Leadership is not commandership - Mahagathe

Leadership is not commandership

शमथ। Samatha
Do you want to be a leader? Then begin by not giving commandments to others. Get out into a
natural garden and see how life happens there. You will be able to see it only if you go out there every day and pay close attention. In fact, if you know how to pay such close attention, you do not have to go out in the wilderness to see this. But wilderness has a way of making you attentive. So that is a step hardly anyone can avoid taking.

What happens in the wilderness? There is abundance of life, but it is not just one species of
flora which is there. Many of them are occupying the same space and resources. Many seeds sprout, but not all stand to see the sunlight. Those who stand are of different natures. Some need more water while some need very little of it. Some need all the sunlight they can get while some always need shade. How can the same space sustain all these? The space does not change for the needs of each plant, but the plants adapt to their environment, which means they abandoned a few of their characteristics. To be a leader, you must know this. You must not expect to be a plant in a pot and be the leader at the same time.

Struggle is what a leader must prepare themselves for. Resistance will not be from the outside but from the inside. You have little control over the outside nature, but if you put a little of your requirements to the backseat, you will find yourself being sustained. The outside environment then begin to give you what you require. It is not because something has changed on the outside, but you have adapted yourself to the outside. Once you are adapted comfortably to the outside, your growth is assured. You stand their tall until you reach your full potential. You are not alone there. Some will find comfort in your shade. Some will find their life on your trunk. Some will try to bypass your height and reach for more sunlight. But you will not be affected, because you are in command of yourself.

Your stature has grown from the unsure seedling to a mature tree. You know where to give space, whom to give space and when to give space. In the wilderness all those who survive are those who have adapted themselves. Therefore you do not have to command them, but work with their natures.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam