Justice and status quo are not one. - Mahagathe

Justice and status quo are not one.

शमथ। Samatha

“My lifestyle and my aspirations should not be disturbed”, this is the idea of justice to any people. This is not justice, but status quo. It is one of the reasons why people get into conflict with each other. Individuals, groups as well as societies take the identity of status quo groups and demand justice.

Most of the time what they are saying is their lifestyles are disturbed and their aspirations have come to a standstill. With this attitude, one can never experience justice.  Justice ensures a smooth flow, where every individual find their place, has something productive to contribute to the welfare of the society in return of protection for themselves and the weaker ones among them.

Justice is not dreaming of your dream life and expecting a good reward for fulfilling such dreams.

One who dreams should also be ready to meet with the challenges those dreams throw in front of them.

One cannot be naive in such matters. Earth is not a fairyland. Seeds fall into dirt, lie in that darkness before they sprout. And once they sprout they are in the hunting ground of various birds and in the walking path of many animals, not to speak of the different worms. The seed which withstands all these uncertainties in its various stages of development stand to become a tree or a plant.

Is life easy for them once they attain treehood or planthood? All the challenges they faced while growing up still come back to feed on them. New parasites make their home on their trunks. To top it all, the woodcutter who sees only wood’s worth in their existence is a constant threat. Is this justice?

Human civilization cannot escape the natural order to life. It could be a defence mechanism the earth has embedded in herself to govern anything that is born on this planet. No species, however great they may think of themselves, can escape this natural order just like gravity holding us on down to her surface irrespective of whether we are on the South pole or the North pole. As a civilization, we have to accept this natural order of justice. Otherwise, we will be status quoists shouting justice while we mean something else.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam