It doesn't take any effort to be dismayed - Mahagathe

It doesn’t take any effort to be dismayed

शमथ। Samatha

Hardly anyone out there does not enjoy the sight of a river. Waterfalls are favorite excursion spots for many people. Flowing water is such an integral part of the human imagination that ‘go with the flow’ is an everyday phrase used by almost everyone. Yet it is one thing that everyone fails invariably. It is one fundamental human flaw that one can use to one’s own advantage. It is a fact that all human flaws exist for the advantage of those who own up to them. Why are you unable to go with the flow even when it is the most common advice you give to someone else? You see only the surface when it comes to the other, but you feel every rock when it is about you. Therefore the advice you give to the other rarely works for yourself. Use your knowledge to your advantage.

You know that ‘go with the flow’ has worked for others; then it should work for you too.

The only difference between them and you is your knowledge about the existence of the underlying rocks. When you advise someone to go with the flow, you are asking them to travel in the direction created by the presence of an obstacle. And it always works. It fails to work for you because you see too many rocks and anticipate as many changes in your course. Your mind is not ready to be burdened so many times. As a result, you try to get rid of all of them at once.

Here is where you are going wrong. Do not focus on the rocks. Instead, focus on the space between the current obstacle and the next. Your mind will be relaxed. A mind that is not relaxed is easily dismayed. And the natural design of your mind makes it more efficient when it moves from one point to another at a given time.

The rocks which frightened your mind are driving it to efficiency by acting as the starting and ending points. The added advantage is that you are effectively doing this by not making any significant changes to your day to day life; however, you will be a changed person for everyone else.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam