Insecurities will not let you enjoy life - Mahagathe

Insecurities will not let you enjoy life

शमथ। Samatha

“What if!” How many of you have not experienced “what if ” moments in the future tense? No, we are not talking about rational planning, but about what goes on in the background when you want to do something. The fear that something could go wrong stops you from doing that altogether.

And that inability stays in your mind like a broken glass piece. It is hurting you, but in your effort to avoid a projected pain, you live with this pain. “What if ” has led you to “what can I do, I am helpless?” You convince your mind to be sympathetic towards you by highlighting your helplessness. You feel that by convincing your mind of your helplessness, you can regain your happiness. The opposite is achieved. You make your mind to stop trying so that your future states of helplessness could be prevented. You cannot use the language you use with another human being to speak to your mind. The language which your mind understands is the language of frequency. The vibrations produced by how you feel at a particular point of time is your frequency. These frequencies are continuously processed by your mind. If you want your mind to empower you, switch your frequency from helplessness to empowered. This requires you to feel empowered. Empowered feeling cannot be sustained by constant thoughts of helplessness.

You cannot get rid of thoughts of helplessness if you do not get rid of fear.

Tell yourself, “fear is not taking me where I want to be.” What is the state where fear is absent? No, it is not courage. It is existence; you simply exist as a conscious being. Here your mind will be free of a chaotic jumble of thoughts and emotions. This is quite easily achievable if you are aware. Awareness is possible by consciously separating unsolicited thoughts and emotions from your regular spheres of transaction. Thus you can establish an effective channel of communication with your mind. Your first discovery will be that you never truly enjoyed life until that moment. This life of joy can be yours.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam