Humanity is at risk - Mahagathe

Humanity is at risk

शमथ। Samatha

People are afraid that artificial intelligence will take over the planet in a not so distant future. Will they or will they not? Only time can tell. However, there is a more imminent threat to the human race; the threat of division. Most of you think this division is human beings dividing themselves into classes and communities, and later turning against each other. No, we are not talking about anything external. A person who is not complete is a divided human being.

Why is anybody not complete? This is because people derive their identities from the roles they play in life. But nobody can play just one role. This makes them give more importance to one over the other. The discourses on maintaining personal and professional lives separately are quite common. Can you do that even if you want to? Even if someone successfully separates both of them, is their only one role to play within the respective spheres?

Which sphere will hold your friends? Are your ambitions personal or professional? When you drive in your car to office, you do it for office or home? You will be more accommodative to your spouse or your parents or your children? These are only a few divisions you wrestle with daily. The complete list can easily fill a few pages. You can do that yourself if it arouses your curiosity.

The point is these divisions are destroying you every moment. They do not let you sleep. Stop dividing your life into personal and professional. Your profession does not start or end with your shift. You do not stop being a spouse when you are with your children. If you believe that all these are separate from each other, you will be exhausted. The constant exhaustion will make you inefficient in all the roles you play. You will feel you are not being good enough to others. At the same time, you will feel you have not been good to yourself.

Gather yourself at once.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam