God is upholding you in every step; to find yourself you must forget your ambitions - Mahagathe

God is upholding you in every step; to find yourself you must forget your ambitions

God is upholding you in every step; to find yourself you must forget your ambitions.

शमथ। Samatha

Human beings have the unique quality of knowing that we are alive and so are everything
around us. Other animals and plants around us are functional but lack this quality. This higher
cognition has brought us where we are. We cannot take this for granted. To acknowledge this is
not enough, but must be complemented with definitive action.

The uniqueness that human beings possess has placed us in a particular position on this planet
which other species are not in. While all species are naturally disposed to protect themselves
and their own, they have no larger awareness of nature. Our intelligence has created various
means to keep us comfortable during our stay here. As a result, we have added a lot of pressure
on the nature around us which includes various other living beings. Our distinguishing
characteristic is that we are aware of this, and we have the power to direct our intelligence to
influence it so that the well-being of all can be ensured.

Our intelligence could create because God has given it to us. When the government gives the
policeman a gun, it is not to threaten and exploit, but to protect and serve. If he uses it only to
his advantage, it does not take any time to bring chaos into his life. Whereas when he uses it to
the benefit of the larger society, peace and harmony is ensured.

If you are consumed by your ambitions alone, you will miss yourself. Use your intelligence not
for yourself and your pleasure, but for the benefit of the larger existence.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam

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