Generosity is the answer. - Mahagathe

Generosity is the answer.

शमथ। Samatha

What is it that you seek the most when you have made a mistake? What is it that you seek when you do not have enough? What is it that you seek when you are afraid? You seek people
who are generous enough to understand you and support you through your difficult phase of
life. Don’t you think that’s what they too seek from you? However independent we think we are, we are always dependent on others.

It is time we recognize this and give our share of generosity to the world.

To be there for somebody in need, to be a helping hand to somebody who does not ask, to be an enabler for those who are not privileged is a duty of every human being. Nobody can claim to be a self-made person. It is simply ignorance. Everybody has experienced generosity and kindness not only at some point in their lives but throughout their lives. The ungrateful ones always think others were simply doing their duties or they were being paid for their works.

Do not think of life only in terms of your wealth. Even the wealthy need friends who are not after their wealth. They need trustworthy friends in whose company they can relax. They need doctors who are trustworthy to treat them with the right medicines. They need bodyguards who are not swayed by offers to sleep peacefully. These cannot be overlooked by merely saying they were all duty-bound. You too are duty-bound to be generous.

When every individual in the society understands the meaning of generosity, this world will become a more beautiful dwelling place. Be generous to fellow human beings. Be generous to other creatures. Devote a certain percentage of your time, money, and resources to practice generosity. Do not be under the false impression that by doing that you won’t have enough. It is not yours in the first place to keep for yourself.

What you have is because of everybody, and it is only rightful to apportion a little of it for everyone. Be truly debt-free.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam

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