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Freedom is not fun.

शमथ। Samatha

Who doesn’t want to be free! Does that mean you are not free? It is the real question to be asked; “am I not free?” If your answer is in the negative, you must go further and ask, “why am I not free?” Write down your answers. Do not stop there, go further down the road and ask, “what makes me stick to all those reasons which do not let me be free?” There cannot be many answers to this question. However you look, you will find that it is your needs that get you stuck.

The easiest way to get your freedom, you think, is to get rid of your needs altogether. The problem is it is nowhere as easy as you think it to be. Needs are glued to your flesh more tightly than you can ever imagine. If you have any doubt about it, get out of your home leaving all your possessions and live somewhere alone without any outside contact. The result is for you to discover yourself.

For many people, freedom simply means being able to do whatever they want. This is why it is equated with fun most of the times. Fun is on the periphery of it. Imagine life as an endless party where you wine and dine as much as you want. But how long can you go on like that? Your body will pain everywhere, the hangovers become unbearable, etc. The price for a night of fun is a day of pain. Then your idea of freedom changes from ‘freedom to party’ to ‘party with no side effects’. Imagine it is granted, but somebody still has to clean up all those mess or else your party ground will begin to look like a dumpster.

What will be your new idea of freedom then?

You are born with endless freedom; you do not have to wish for it. You just have to discover it. This discovery is only possible if you move through everything you have with awareness. When you move with awareness, you will begin to discover hidden gifts and hidden doors. They are safe for your use and entry. There you will discover new layers of your potential. Otherwise, all you will do is pin your hopes on borrowed ideas of freedom which will make you further miserable.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam

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