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Existence is Perfection

Existence is Perfection.

शमथ। Samatha

Perfection is a quest. There is hardly anybody who is not after it. Remember the story of the
tortoise and the hare? Both the tortoise and the hare began the race from the same point at the
same time. The tortoise reached the finishing point while the hare was lost halfway.

What did the tortoise do differently from the hare? The tortoise was clear-headed and
persevered with his mission. The hare on the other hand was vain and indolent. Only a
clear-headed individual can be in the journey of perfection. Vanity has no place in it. However
for many, perfection is a mere vanity, another feather on their caps. These people are the hares.

Unlike the hare of Aesop, these hares declare their arrogance and midway-nap as perfection.
The tortoise had no doubt in his mind. His mission was clear in his mind as well as in his eyes.
There was no indolence in him, only endurance. Clear-headed, he kept moving beyond his
abilities. The perfection kept on guiding him. Do not forget these basic facts in your quest for
perfection. It is not an accomplishment to feed your vanity as in the case of the hare. It indeed is
your existence as it was for the tortoise.

Your existence is incomplete without perfection. Perfection must drive your existence.

In it is fulfillment. Keep going.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam

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