SAY - Mahagathe
December 24, 2021 at 6:00 pm Hyderabad Hyderabad


SAY – Self-Actualization for You.

2-day Residential program provided with the guidance of Gurudev. 

The pressures and demands of everyday life have made your being fragmented leading to stress, anxiety and various ailments of the body and mind. Even when everything seems to be going on well, you feel burnt out and without energy. The ripple effect affects everything from your family, work, interpersonal relations and your connection with the Whole. The solution is in rediscovering the Whole.

 SAY is your path to being Whole once again.

* Awaken the Kundalini
* Experience the rise of Energy
* Get rid of exhaustion
* Be Rejuvenated
* Relax
* Improve your physical wellness
* Receive Abundance
* Let go your struggles
* Rediscover Healing Frequencies
* Witness Miracles

 Applications are open for 2 days, Level 1 residential programme in Hyderabad, India from
                        19th July(6:00 PM)  to 21st  July 2019. (6:00 PM) 

Do not miss this rare opportunity to learn directly from the Venerable Mahamuni.

Schedules for Advanced Level Programmes will be intimated to participants on successful completion of Level 1.