Duty is not the absence of choice - Mahagathe

Duty is not the absence of choice

शमथ। Samatha

A large number of people like to take up professions or trade which gives them a guarantee of a better paying secure life. There are some other people who take up causes which others find as ridiculous or insignificant or stupid. Why do they do so? The former directs all their energy to themselves while the latter feels it is important to direct some of their energy and faculties beyond personal well-being.

The modern age has brought too much attention to personal wealth. As a result, more and more people have begun to look at the personal wealth of an individual as the most prominent indicator of someone’s worth or value. This has led to a situation where certain trades, professions, etc. have come to be looked down upon as inconsequential or negligible.

This is far from true. A society cannot be dependent on the plush and cozy. Like the foundation of a multi-storeyed building that goes many feet under the earth, there are are many unseen factors which holds a society together in place. This should not be ignored. Our systems of education all over the world have undergone tremendous change in the past century. One cannot be sure this has been done for the best, seeing the vision of the new graduates.

This century should see an overhaul in our approach to education which will pave the way for a change in people’s outlook. Duties are not imposed upon us by someone else. To think so is not different from a child considering their mother to be a monster for asking them to have a daily shower.

When duties are taken upon by ourselves willingly we are not only doing a great service to the society but ensuring that our own future generations are secure on a healthy planet.

These people should not be made to feel losers. Our education systems should rise up to this or this planet is headed for a very bleak future.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam