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Do not be weakened by bonds

शमथ। Samatha

A lot of people often refer to an experience of not feeling free. They often complain that they lack the energy. What are they experiencing? They are experiencing a sensory overdrive. This is quite common as people identify with what they have. Family, career and social circle are the most common identifications of people. They know all of them are important, but struggle to prioritize. In the constant milieu, they further struggle asking, “When do I give time to myself?” Irrespective of the number of weekend getaways and holidays you take, this constant feeling of internal nagging stays with you. It travels with you everywhere you go. Therefore there is hardly a moment you experience freedom from the sensory overdrive.

This confusion is the result of fundamentally erroneous perceptions. It is not going to change unless you change those perceptions. A fan can spin and circulate the air around only if it has a functional motor inside. The speed can be easily regulated too. You are that motor in your life that spins the world around you. Only if this motor is well-tuned, it can be regulated effectively. So you must move from a ‘you last’ approach to ‘you first’ approach. Isn’t that what selfish people do? Remember that we are working on perceptions, not on concepts. Imagine everyone in your home takes the ‘I first’ approach regarding their maintenance, your home functions like a well oiled machine where all the motors are in sync. ‘I first’ does not mean you stop to spin and refuse to be regulated; that is selfishness.

By doing this, the mental bondage you have created begin to lose its grip on your consciousness. Energy that has been held up by such nonproductive exercises of the mind gets released. As a result, you begin to feel relaxed even without taking a holiday. The bonus is all this happens guilt free, which gives your consciousness a lot of space to look out for you. Family is the first step. Career becomes easier and tension free when things are in order at home.

When home and career are not a burden, social life is a cakewalk.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam

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