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Direction is not optional

शमथ। Samatha
‘Have a goal’ is something all of you have heard all the time. But doesn’t having a goal limit your potential? You keep hearing that you are infinite, and you keep wondering how can the infinite be limited by something as negligible as a finite goal. Infinity is infinite ways of doing things, infinite ways of expression, etc. isn’t it? Some people tried to overcome this dilemma by saying ‘aim for the stars’. They thought this will leave more space for the infinity to play. Quite simply, what do you look for when you have not eaten for a few days; infinity or food? Blessed are those who seek infinity even when they have not eaten, but what about you?

Goal is something more immediate and which needs your attention urgently. For example, what is the urgent attention of a student? Education is their urgent attention throughout their life as a student. Any alterations or changes they do to their lives should be keeping this in mind. This applies to every stage of life. Everything else should come to the service of the primary goal. “I want to be a CEO”, that’s not a goal at all. It is limiting yourself to a point. Why did you take up an office and start a family? To enjoy fame, wealth, and spousal company; that is your goal. An underperformer will not attract fame,  and wealth will be scarce and as a result spousal happiness at home too will be limited. Do not think that it is all the trap of materialism and farmers are very happy with very little. A farmer who does not till their land and not take care of the fields finds themselves in the same plight as a city dweller. Do not go by quantity alone; that is the real trap.

Do you want to remain an underperformer or an average worker at best? No, you do not. Do you want recognition, wealth, and a peaceful family? Yes, you want. Think only about what you said yes to, and make it your goal. Everything else in your life will learn to submit to this goal. You will notice your horizons extend beyond what you thought is the limit. Make it your lifestyle. Don’t choose the life of a slug and limit yourself with the standard chorus, “I want to be the CEO”.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam

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