Control alone cannot triumph. - Mahagathe

Control alone cannot triumph.

शमथ। Samatha

There are three things vital to success; hard work, perseverance, and time. Together they are called control. But are these enough; are hardworking people who are persistent in their endeavours in favourable times always successful? What we see around us, is a lot of people who have given all three but failed to see success. This is a sad situation and the person may feel that they have been wronged. Their approach to life itself could take a negative turn after repeated attempts fail to bear fruit.

What went wrong in the ‘control’ approach? What did those who succeed do differently with the
‘control’ approach? The answer is simple. Those who succeed are always willing to be coached, corrected and retrained constantly. They never feel bad about it. On the contrary, the unsuccessful ones invariably think they have everything which takes to be successful. They may be open to a few opinions here and there, but opinions are passing comments most of the time and cannot add the value you expect in your lives. Be ready to hear the hard facts always. The role of a coach is to point out the tiniest mistakes you make in the way you function. These are tiny factors which look irrelevant and can miss the eyes of anybody. In a corporate set-up, for example, you are performing well and everybody from top to bottom is appreciating you all the time. You too are diligent in your work, but you are in the dark all the time not knowing whether there is anything you are missing. All those who were praising you will come up with many faults in your work the moment anything were to go wrong. Do not think they were misleading you all the time; they too simply didn’t see it as you couldn’t.

Do not be eager to be praised; that is not the sign of success. On the contrary, one who is eager to listen to their faults and shortcomings are sure to be on the way to success. They are not doing it for a masochistic delight, but to create excellence in whatever they are doing. Excellence is never finite; so the more you excel the more faults you will have to listen from your coach.

Do not fire your coach.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam