Confidence creates, overconfidence kills - Mahagathe

Confidence creates, overconfidence kills

शमथ। Samatha

Today people are taught that the only one who stands between their goal and them are they themselves. Quite an empowering thought it is. However most people conceive it as “everything happens at my behest”. With it goes empowerment down the drain. You are empowered when you remove the obstacles that are in the way, not when you pick on somebody else.

It is evident that you cannot remove yourself from the picture and arrive at your goal. There is nobody else in the way too. Do what is within your control; take stock of your mental designs. Identify your urges. Your urges make you move or be idle. Are your urges in alignment with your goal? If yes, see whether your current actions are aligned to your urges. This is where you must take care that your confidence does not blind you.

If the wheels of your car are not in alignment, it affects the performance of your vehicle and the quality of travel. You take your car to the service station at stipulated times. But when was the last time you took yourself to the service station? Many of you think, hospitals are the service centres. But that’s the garage you take your vehicle once an accident has occurred. Your service stations are the retreats into your mental designs. Do not be hesitant to replace the faulty designs in your mental world when they are pointed out to you.

Things are still not going to happen at your behest irrespective of your status in society. There is no point in pointing to the other as the reason for your failures. Regular redesigning is a must to ensure that you are in shape. Being in shape reduces the distance between you and your goal.

Do not assume that you are always in shape; nobody is. So do not disregard your regular trips to the retreat.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam