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Providing Medical and Dental care assistance to the families of poor illiterate dirt-farmers. Owing to lack of proper medical diagnosis and prognosis due to poverty, non availability of qualified medical practitioners and prevalence of witchdoctors, black magic, etc many otherwise healthy people are suddenly lost to death breaking the backbone

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Providing emergency relief to the poor. This includes cash payment in times of emergencies like hospital admission, structural repair of houses, expenses during death, marriage and other contingencies on a need basis. Your big heart could save a life, get a young girl married, prevent someone from being homeless. Will

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Providing basic education to the children of poor illiterate dirt-farmers, orphans, children from broken families on account of alcohol and drug addictions. There are children who cannot afford the minimum requirements of clothes, books, school bags, tuition fees, etc. Giving the minimum decent education to one child will only cost

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We are committed to ensuring a wholesome balanced and nutritious meal to children up to Grade 4 in the government schools of Nepal, every School day, as a part of its Complete Meal Programme. The costs towards this to feed 250 children per day is only Rupees 3000, which is

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