Bhandara - Mahagathe


We are committed to ensuring a wholesome balanced and nutritious meal to children up to Grade 4 in the government schools of Nepal, every School day, as a part of its Complete Meal Programme. The costs towards this to feed 250 children per day is only Rupees 3000, which is way lower than what you spend on a birthday party or a wedding anniversary celebration. Come forward and join us in creating the healthy citizens of Nepal.

अन्नं ब्रह्मन्  declares the Vedas. Imagine the many who has no access to a complete meal, especially when they are children below the age of ten. The statistics by WHO and NDHS states that 39% of Nepali children up to the age of five are underweight while 13% are severely malnourished leading to permanent health complications.

Sponsorship details:

1 day : INR 3000 / USD $50

10 days : INR 30,000 / USD $500

30 days : INR 90,000 /  USD $1500