Beauty is not fiction - Mahagathe

Beauty is not fiction

शमथ। Samatha
Many do not know the fact that beauty lives within you. It is this beauty which attracts others to you. It is this beauty which reflects itself as what is pleasing in you. People are under the erroneous perception that beauty means to be born with certain physical traits. No that is a standard set by a particular society at a point of time to last for a certain period of time. It is ever-changing. The real beauty is constant and does not change with time. This exists within your body and reflects itself through your mind. For the absence of this beauty, nobody will notice you.

When beauty is not present, your life loses its lustre. When beauty leaves you, you feel lonely and bitter. When beauty does not reside in you, you lose the ability to be prosperous. Most of the people are born with it. But beauty does not stay in a place which does not honour her. One should constantly strive to conform to her standards. People often ask why some people are highly successful while many others are merely average despite toiling hard. If you look closely, you can easily see that the former always made their efforts to be consistent with glory, non-judgmental activities and prosperity. On the contrary, the latter were suspectful of glory, judgmental and doubted their own destiny. It is not enough to say “I want to be like them”, one must be ready to walk the path. Your destiny is not to imitate somebody else, but to carve out a path. This is why beauty resides in you. When every step of yours is taken in recognition of this fact, beauty never stops making you look more lustrous, so that your efforts are supported easily.

Sit back and take a look at your life. Were you not supported at every stage of your life? These were not planned by you, were they? Most of the things you have been taking for granted is the work of beauty. She is still with you. All you have to do is make all efforts to conform to her standards more and more.

The more you conform to her the more lustre she gives you. It is not that difficult. Always look at life as a great opportunity made just for you. Do not doubt the intent of others. Make your home, mind and body look more beautiful. Always remember that someone is benefitting from your efforts even if you cannot see it.

Do not be remorseful. You shall not miss anything in life.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam