Beauty awaits you - Mahagathe

Beauty awaits you

शमथ। Samatha

What you seek is within your reach, but you must always seek beauty. Beauty is neither external nor internal. Beauty is a quality, a quality that can pull you into it. Beauty is a rhythm, a rhythm that can make your steps effortless. Beauty is a state, a state where you feel right in place. Stop thinking in terms of materials and seek this beauty. Once you have it you become the possessor of everything.

You always see the gross and not the nuances of it. Think in terms of what having something can bring to you. Do not go after old answers like sorrow, happiness, etc. Your answer must reflect ‘it can give me everything’. What does everything contain? Quality, Rhythm and State. What is quality? Glory. What is rhythm? Free of afflictions. What is state? Self-esteem. Can money alone give you these three?Can position alone give you these three? Can money and position together give you these three?

These three are found only in beauty. Beauty must be actively sought. You should not look for any other alternatives. This will bring forth great refinement within you. It will start reflecting in your actions and interactions. You were craving to be noticed once. When refinement enters you, people notice you without any effort.

You were once craving for recognition. When refinement is in you, you are naturally sought by others. You were unsure of yourself once. With refinement in you, your doubtfulness gives way to awareness.
It is easy, but you must not be restless. The moment you say, “I have refined myself enough”, whatever you have developed until then disappears. Beauty cannot coexist with restlessness. Your old habits and thoughts will always come in the way. You must not pay heed to those. You can easily feel the difference between the old self who was after the gross and the new self who seeks beauty.

Do not let the limits you have set for yourself stop you.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam