Be part of the destiny - Mahagathe

Be part of the destiny

शमथ। Samatha

What is the difference between destiny and fate? Destiny is positive while fate is negative. 

Destiny is embracing your life while fate is reluctantly going through life. Destiny makes you feel alive while fate makes you feel dead from within. You are the author of destiny while fate is someone else’s creation. With destiny, you are in charge while in fate, you are a speck. Destiny gives you freedom while fate squeezes your inner desires.

You were born to two people you had no knowledge of. You grew up in surroundings you were not familiar with. You derived sustenance from food you had never tasted before. You began to communicate with words you had never heard before. You played with strangers. They became your parents, your home, your taste buds, your language, and your friends. Was it destiny or fate? It was destiny indeed.

You stood up without any idea of standing up or falling down. You were neither happy nor sad at that moment. You were full of life. You laughed as you ran towards something and you cried as your tiny feet stepped on a stone. But you did not judge. When the pain subsided, you ran again. You cried again when you fell. Slowly you began to fall less. Was it destiny or fate? It was destiny indeed.

Why have you stopped running? Why do you remain in the memory of a pain? Let not pain linger. Or is it you who linger in a pain? You are submitting a beautiful destiny to fate when you do that. Laugh when you run, cry when you fall. Express yourself freely. But being fallen forever cannot be your expression. You let fate be your master when you don’t stand up again. But can you blame fate for squeezing your inner desires if you keep lying there wailing?

Get up, destiny is waiting for you.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam