Ask when in doubt; do not presume. - Mahagathe

Ask when in doubt; do not presume.

Ask when in doubt; do not presume.

शमथ। Samatha

“No, I will keep it to myself; what will they think of me!” Haven’t you found yourself brood over things in this manner sometimes? Do not worry, you are not alone. Underneath all those self-confidence, there is a child in everyone who seeks reassurance, and it shows its head occasionally. What you must tell yourself is that it is a child, and a child cannot tell you which path to take. But do not try to muzzle it or take its word for truth.

Be amazed in knowing that even you can be in a vulnerable position like a child. Just as the cry of a child alerts its guardians, the cry of the child in you should alert the guardian in you. Otherwise your life will be overpowered by the cries of this child. What should you do? Be aware that the child is demanding your attention to something which you are not aware of. A crying baby is not always a hungry baby. Look closely to find out what it is this time. Where do you look as there is no physical baby present? Look into the situation in which you are when you hear the cry. Do not be under the presumption of any past experience.

Remember again that a crying baby is not always a hungry baby. Do you doubt because you think you do not have the ability or is it because you think others are not capable? It is either an inflated self worth or a lack of it that prevents you from expressing yourself. Paying attention to your crying child can reveal the underlying layers of your self worth to yourself. Taking care of a baby is by no means a one-person task. So seek help by reaching out. Do not let shame stand in your way. You will be amazed again to see the highly coloured beliefs that you hold on to within your subconscious mind. Going there alone will put the strongest minds under their spell. Therefore always take the hand of those who have mastered their senses when you go there, and you will be transformed.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam

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