A weakness cannot be the reason to abandon - Mahagathe

A weakness cannot be the reason to abandon

शमथ। Samatha

You are not perfect. There is nothing wrong with it. Is there any work that is perfect? Perfection is attributed only to that which never faces any decline. In that sense, there is nothing in this universe that can be called perfect. Lack of perfection should not become an excuse in executing what is within your abilities. One can always take inspiration from the lack of perfection in this universe. Our own earth is constantly bombarded with meteor showers. But it is business as usual down here. More than perfection, some things are done right.

You must look at doing what is right. This is not possible without taking risks. Risk does not mean jumping off a cliff unless it is pivotal to what you do. Risk and adventure are not the same. The latter is seeking new exciting experiences while the former is standing up for what is really important. Do not expect the world around you to stand up along with you. That’s why it is called a risk. It is not even doing what you think is right. Risk is choosing between the safest and unsafest options for the best outcome keeping the larger picture in mind.

“I don’t have it in me” is the voice of a coward. We can tone it down a bit calling them  safe players. Do not be one of them. All you will experience throughout your life, be it a family, career, or social life will be paralysis syndrome, where nothing moves. There will be other safe players cheering you up, but one dip in the status quo, and you are gone with the winds. What the world needs are people whose feet do not become unsteady with the wind. If they don’t stand steady, the empire falls. You are the emperor of your mini empire. If you choose avoidance over ownership, the empire is sure to fall.
Humans are the best humans have. We can effectively communicate with each other. This is your greatest weapon.

Communicate effectively; do not preach unless it is your profession. Show people how to get things done instead of displaying reasons for not getting things done. Everything we enjoy today as basic amenities, from food supplies to electricity, are not given to us by people who found excuses, but by people who made inroads into untreadable wilderness. It is this attitude you must develop.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam