Your life is not a problem to solve - Mahagathe

Your life is not a problem to solve

शमथ। Samatha

“I just want to come out of this mess”, and then what? ‘Then what’ is the key. Coming out of a mess is easy. It only requires someone to give you a hand. But nobody can put a stop to your desire to be in another mess. Slowly hand lenders will lose hope and take a backfoot. Again ‘then what’ comes to the forefront. Ask a person who says they want to come out of a mess, then what? They will give you a long list of their future plans. If you know their past, they would have done the exact same things to land in the mess they are now.

The real question is “Why am I in this mess?” And the answer is “I was careless”. Have you learnt to care better now? Scratching your head is not the answer. You have to be under proper guidance. That is what you need now, and that will gradually take you out of the mess. “No, that won’t do. I have my future all drawn up right in front of me”. You had your future drawn up before you always and lack of skill made a mess out of it. Now you are asking someone else to pay the price for it. That is not quite how reformation happens, is it?

Willingness to reform oneself is the way forward. Reformation cannot take place unless you take help.

“Yes, help is the word I was looking for; take me out of this mess”. Do not jump into such arguments. Help is always nearby, but help is always given based on the eligibility of the recipient. Imagine you are walking near a river and see a group of children swimming. As you walk past you hear the cries for help from the river. The children are drowning. You are just one person and there are more than five children and the current is very strong. One of the cries was “Papa, save me”. You recognize the voice of your own child from among the shouts for help. Who will you help first?

All the children were eligible to be helped, but the cry of your own offspring pierced your ears deeper than all the others. And you jumped without any further thought, but you swam unconsciously towards your own and pulled your child out first. Can anyone blame you for that? No, it was not your fault, but your parental instinct.

Helpers are intuitive and with strong instincts which will make them identity who will make the most of the help given. You cannot flatter them into doing the things you want.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam