You cannot become somebody else - Mahagathe

You cannot become somebody else

You cannot become somebody else.

शमथ। Samatha

Everybody is driven by something in life; many do not know it yet. It will not be too much to ask
yourself, “What am I driven by?” It is important to find the answer to this question. Once you
have found the answer to this, you have to identify the location of your driver, i.e. in the past,
present, near future or distant future.

Without identifying your driver, you will not be able to identify its location. It is important that you
find out the location, for that is where you are too. Which is the ideal place to be? That is not
important as long as you do not know where the driver is. Once you have discovered the
location, you have to know the answer to why you chose that particular driver.

Knowing the reason behind a choice takes more time than you imagine. You will have to relive a
lot of scenarios, that led you to the choice, in your mind. Be ready to be surprised by what you
find. If you discover that your driver is driven by someone else’s driver, you must be ready to kill
your driver and pick up a new one with full consciousness.

To be you involves knowing yourself fully. Otherwise, it will be a long life with no real satisfaction
to the last breath. It is time you be truly free.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam