You become your goal - Mahagathe

You become your goal

You become your goal.

शमथ। Samatha

Life does not come with any barriers, so it appears. Is it true? In fact, life comes with many
barriers. But instead of calling them barriers, we call them expressions. In fact, life as you
experience it is quite limited. But this unique experience is in itself just a point in the infinite
expression of life. Yes, you are that point.

Just as life is expressing its infinity through you, you too are expressing your infinity through
everything you do. The larger life is not limited by you, is it? It is not. It finds a way to keep its
expression on irrespective of your thoughts and deeds. In other words, you cannot stop life.

Similarly, you must recognize the infinitude that you are endowed with rather than looking at your
circumstances as barriers. You must tell yourself, “Come what may, I will not stop”.

As a unique personality-driven being, you have the ability to dream, dream of your goal as a
three-dimensional reality even before it has taken form or shape. You can live in it at your will.

Just as you think you are shaping your dream into reality, it is shaping you beyond your
personality. The difference between limitation and infinity is personality and fluidity. While you
think of your goal as a means to fulfill your personality, the goal transforms you into someone
you do not recognize.

Do not limit yourself. Acknowledge yourself as the expression of the limitless, and your every
action as your actualization of the limitless existence. Thus everything will be in the palm of your

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam