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Life does not have a rewind button.

शमथ। Samatha What if life indeed had a button to rewind? You could have picked up from where you think could have made a different turn. You are like a child obsessed with time travel. The only difference is that the child wants to do it for the fun of it while

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Discipline yourself to be relaxed.

Discipline yourself to be relaxed. शमथ। Samatha “I have so much to do that I don’t know what to do”, familiar with that feeling? Have you asked yourself “Why”? Is it true that somebody is out there to get you by stressing you out? And have you unwittingly fallen into their sick

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Keep ‘you’ out of the conversation.

Keep ‘you’ out of the conversation. शमथ। Samatha “I think so” Are you someone who add this disclaimer to your answers? Have you ever given a thought to why it slips into your conversations? Do you look back to see whether the usage was unconscious or conscious? If you are a frequent

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