Straight roads are not always straight - Mahagathe

Straight roads are not always straight

Straight roads are not always straight.

शमथ। Samatha

You hardly find a person who is unsure about what he or she wants, until an unpredicted crisis
appears in life. For example, a disease, restricted financial freedom, etc. Until that moment
everything looked as if it were set and you knew the road well. Suddenly you find yourself
without a road to travel.

We are experts in shutting ourselves to the reality all around and immerse ourselves in what is
convenient. Convenience is a learned behavior. We have adapted ourselves to a certain way
of living through time. Throughout the process, we have been learning while storing what we
experienced as memories. The memories helped us in recollections and preparedness. These
new experiences were in turn stored as new memories, creating memory overlap.

With various overlapping memories stored, we arrived at convenience, where computing
became unnecessary. This also meant details started getting ignored. We slipped into a certain
kind of automatic mode where we hardly assimilated anything more. As a result, our intelligence
became redundant as there was nothing new to be stored to memory in the absence of learning.

In fact, the linear road which we traveled was only overlapping memories. The unexpected crisis
took us out of the automatic mode, but there is no memory to rely on making the road itself

Rekindle the fire of learning in you. Enjoying the sights around is an essential part of a travel.
Learning begins with observation. Observe the outside and its effect within you. Modify the
interior to suit the exterior. You will discover the roads you were not aware of. Travel with the
new awareness and you will not need an accident to shake your senses.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam