Stop paying attention to the noises, and you will find yourself. - Mahagathe

Stop paying attention to the noises, and you will find yourself.

Stop paying attention to the noises, and you will find yourself.

शमथ। Samatha

“I am not able to think clearly”, ever had this feeling? On a night when you cannot fall asleep, a city with a vibrant nightlife seems like the place for you to be. What happens when that one night turns into many continuous nights and days where you cannot have a peaceful sleep? You will no more be a healthy person, physically and mentally. And the vibrant nightlife of the city will turn into a nightmare in the place of the solution it once was.

What goes on in your head is known only to you. You are the most important person here. What goes on in your head are like the nightlife, just ‘happenings’, neither good nor bad, in their own places. You are the one who has access to them and you are the one who has the power to use them as you choose in your life. But is that how you perceive everything that goes on in your head? Or are you under the impression that you are under the influence of everything that is going on in there?

Being controlled appears easier than being in control for the major population, even when everyone is constantly complaining about being controlled. In most cases that complaining is another ‘happening’ in your head, just another noise, because if you really felt that way about being controlled you would have done everything about it, to find your foot again. In real the noises in your head have become drugs to you, and immensely pleasurable ones. You are not ready to come out of their effects, because then you will have a lot of work to do on a sick body and mind; and who wants to do all that work!

All those noises are merely the hallucinogens you have picked up on the way. If you are still reading this, you have not become as sick as you think; you can still come out of their effects. Tell yourself, “I want to find myself once again”. Be determined that you will look at only one thing at a time from now on. Convince yourself that you will not throw yourself under the barrage of thoughts, memories and emotions spread across various timelines.

Know that you live for yourself, and in everything you do you seek self-fulfillment. Thus you will be able to separate yourself from what goes on in your head, and think clearly again, for it will be you in control.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam