Replacement is not the permanent solution. - Mahagathe

Replacement is not the permanent solution.

Replacement is not the permanent solution.

शमथ। Samatha

“I need to let off steam”, how many of you say this? In fact many of you tell this to yourself and sometimes to others. But how many of you do let off steam? The answer is ‘not many of you’. Why do you hesitate? Many of you are subconsciously programmed to believe that letting off steam means committing a grave sin. Unfortunately it makes you feel guilty. Every time you think of it, your subconscious sets up a guard against it. If you surpass the guard and go ahead, you swim in guilt in the days to come.

Do not forget that your body is an organism which is composed of various interdependent components. Then there is the mind which puts this organism in touch with factors related to its
survival and beyond. The coming together of the organism and the mind is a very powerful force. It grants the holder the aura of invincibility. However it comes at a price; it is to ‘never let your guard down’. In ordinary language we call it morality.

Morality is a good thing, isn’t it? Absolutely not, on the contrary it is destructive. What we need is ‘order’, not morality. Morality is a vicious creature born out of the mind-organism connection giving it the clout of invincibility. It is a virus eating you from within and freely entering into others around you. Let us come back to ‘order’. Unlike morality, order is not interested in invincibility. It only ensures that everything is in its place, and that means no suffering. Order nurtures contentment, empathy, compassion, joy, equanimity, etc whereas morality breeds hatred,greed, lust, guilt, fear, loss, etc.

In ‘order’, letting off steam is a natural and benevolent act which keeps the mind-organism relation harmonious. Here you keep moving on with a fresh mind and a graceful body. You do not have any alternatives to it. Therefore the next time you go looking for replacements to your natural needs, remember that you are born into order. Do not remain a fool under the false promises of the vicious morality.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam