Not being appreciated is not always a disability. - Mahagathe

Not being appreciated is not always a disability.

Not being appreciated is not always a disability.

शमथ। Samatha

A lot of times you have been told that you do not know the value of something until it is gone. It has been repeated so often that it is deeply imprinted upon your psyche. Despite this there is no shortage of people around you, caught in the ‘guilt trap’ after somebody or something is gone. The reality is you cannot teach somebody about value by making them feel miserable.

Human beings are wired to be controlled by rewards or punishments. This is an animalistic instinct which has been exploited or put to use from the time our race perfected the life of hunter-gatherers. It is not very different from using apples and whip at the same time on a horse with blinkers on to make it draw a carriage. It is always not reality that keeps you going, but projections. It is very difficult to even comprehend, because it is fed to you by your own parents. Don’t blame them; they had no clue because their parents fed them the same food and you are feeding it to your children. You be the one to break the chain.

You will not break the chain by trying to find faults with parentage. You will not be successful by taking the opposite approach too. For starters, you can lose your blinkers. Be warned, you can feel a bit lost, because your vision is exposed to stimuli it was not exposed to since you have come into this body. But if you are determined, you will be fine. Now ask yourself, “Do I need to be appreciated for who I am!” You will notice a flood of emotions flowing out of you when questioned with sincerity. This is your ticket to freedom.

Something is valuable only if it is impressed upon you. Human programming is to look for value outside, in the survival game. What else is the reason for somebody being ready to kill someone else or starve oneself for a place in heaven, if not to live forever? Do not try to live forever; it is delusional to do so.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam