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Managing Trustees


Pavan Valluri works in a leading position for a Global company. He is a  Post Graduate in Business Management.  He works closely to make the vision achieved and take the message forward to the world. He also takes care of the Social media and IT related work of the Trust.

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Raj Mohan works with one of the Top 500 fortune company in transforming business development. He takes care of the trust activities, conducting the events and also providing guidance to the trustees on carrying the vision and mission of the trust.

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Rishov Biswas works in a leading position for a Multi National company. He is a  Post Graduate in Business Management.  He takes care of the regular finance activities of the trust. He is also responsible for audit and financial controls

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Sandhya works as Quality Assurance Manager for leading multinational company. She is a Post Graduate in Computer Science. She is the spokesperson of the trust and convenes the Trust events and activities

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Lini Vinod works as  Director of Oasis School of Creative Arts and Learning. She holds a postgraduate degree from Cochin University  and BEd. She is responsible for cultural programs and organizing events

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Kalyan Susarla works in a Leading position in Multi National Company. He lives in France. He helps and guides the trustees on strategic activities and steers the international activities

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