Life is a flow ; flow with it. - Mahagathe

Life is a flow ; flow with it.

Life is a flow; flow with it.

शमथ। Samatha

“I know” is frequently heard in many conversation today. Not too long ago displaying once knowledge not when asked for was regarded both as vanity and arrogance; elders hailed the virtue of humility. ‘Wait for your turn’ came naturally to everyone. When did ‘I know’ enter the collective psyche?

Most of the people do not seem to know how frequently they use ‘I know’ in their day to day conversation. It just seem to have appeared out of nowhere. If you look closely, it is not a sudden appearance. As the world embraced a globalised economy, you suddenly found yourself everywhere. With internet entering the arena, you suddenly found everything in your street. Cultures that took thousands of years to evolve, each with their own support systems to
complement the growth, all of a sudden jumped their ecological, geographical and social boundaries. ‘Wait for your turn’ on the last bus out meant waiting out in the cold unknown night for many.

Today’s times is hailed as the time when human beings do not have to fight for survival. Nothing can be further from truth. Survival today does not essentially mean what it meant a hundred years ago. With the boundaries blurred, mirages appeared everywhere. Not able to differentiate mirages from oases, everybody is pushing and pulling to get in. Ordinary conversations have turned to job interviews and display of credentials. Who wants to be left out in this rush; ‘I know’ did not drop from nowhere.

Get rid of the ‘I know’ and you will actually learn something, because you will not be in the rush anymore. All those rush you are in are mere mirages. Life maintains a balance, and it is through boundaries.

Can you imagine a river without its banks? It is no more a river, but wrath. And after a while arid land. Can you imagine being on earth without gravity? Everything will be torn apart, and you may not be in the picture at all.

The flow of life cannot be altered for it will find its balance back. If you want to be in it, “wait for your turn”.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam