Let knowledge not bind you. - Mahagathe

Let knowledge not bind you.

Let knowledge not bind you.

शमथ। Samatha

Knowledge is valuable to have, but if you treat the knowledge you have as absolute you will
forever remain where you are. Life is dynamic and full of surprises. You cannot bend it to your

Knowledge is the link between you and the dynamics of life. There are underlying principles to
it. These principles are absolute. Hence they have to be treated with absolute reverence. Most
people who hanker after knowledge misses this point. Hence their knowledge becomes useless
after a certain period of time. Without the realisation of the principles, they continue to delude
themselves with the old tricks to their own alarm.

Many people tend to look at life from the angle of failure or success, but forget to live. Failure or
success are associated with living. You cannot taste either of them if you do not live. Living
does not always entail self-amusement. Very often you confuse success with self-amusement,
thereby throwing both success and living into the bin. Risks are mistaken for failure, making you

Each day brings you into contact with the larger life. Each step you take brings knowledge to
you in contact with the situations you come across. You cannot approach it as if you are solving
a riddle or a mathematical problem. Allow the knowledge you have, to receive from the moment
it is in, and you will witness the transformation. You are not here to be a slave; you are free.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam