Less of 'me' is the golden path to 'I'. - Mahagathe

Less of ‘me’ is the golden path to ‘I’.

Less of ‘me’ is the golden path to ‘I’.

शमथ। Samatha

The more space you have, the more you are worried about not having enough space. Why? It is because your mind is filled with trophies, big and small. You believe that those trophies define you. Do you have so many trophies in your life that you cannot have enough space? Not necessarily, but having so many defining trophies on display means hiding away many more non-defining items. A display shelf or a hidden closet, both need space.

When you allow your glory to define you, you also allow your lows to define you. You did not plan for your lows to come into play, but when you choose the former it always presents itself with the latter. What are those glories? They are nothing other than what you want everyone to see you as. In other words, they can be called your pride. Have a look into your life and see what your prides are. The modest ones among you will be proud of your children if not anything else. Even though you may call it modest, it is nothing more than vanity.

Anything you are proud of is dragging you down under its weight. And the more trophies you have, the heavier your heart becomes. Does that mean you should have no achievement at all? Absolutely not, on the contrary each of you must strive to bring the best out of you in any situation. But it should not be a cause to become proud. The moment pride comes to the table, bringing your best to the fore vacates its seat to the unhealthy guest of competition. The scene changes to “I have to be on top always”. You may somehow stay on top, but it will be a sick you.

Imagine how sick you will be when you do not want your weaknesses to be out in the open. All these happen because you let events define your life. Abandon the question “what will happen to me?” this very moment. That question only gives power to your fears and insecurities. Replace it with “let me give myself fully to bring out the best which I have and to bring out the best in everyone in this situation”. Competition and struggle gets replaced with most benevolent and efficient outcomes. This is the need of the hour for every individual, society and nation.

Every unit will come to its true potential and true identity thus. Let us all tread this golden path in every step of ours without fail.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam