It is not enough to be inspired, but you have to act on your inspiration to be successful

शमथ। Samatha
The festivities of the New Year is yet to die down. It means our aspirations and inspirations are
still strong. The festive season with all its excitement will make us eager to share those with our
friends and family. But have we already begun working on those or are we waiting for tomorrow!
No work is executed by merely thinking about it. Thought has to give rise to action. Only then it
can lead to right action, and right action involves further thought and further action. It is time to
stop revolving in a world of your own clinging to your armchairs, and enter the field of action.
What is it that has inspired you? Is it enough to appreciate it and go back to your old ways? Why
has it inspired you? Does it resonate with you? Why are you stopping yourself from action? Join
your inspiration and be a part of your inspiration. Let it not die with you, but be alive in many
more who are yet to be born.
Your inspiration is your ticket to success and fulfillment. Do not throw it away; you do not want to
live the rest of your life with sour grapes.

Feel Blessed

Swastham Shantam Sampurnam