Imperfect knowledge brings doom to the one who possess it. - Mahagathe

Imperfect knowledge brings doom to the one who possess it.

Imperfect knowledge brings doom to the one who possess it.

शमथ। Samatha

Knowledge gives us freedom. How? It gives us freedom by opening the door to us. What door does it open? It opens the most immediate door. Where does it lead to? It leads us to the limits of the knowledge we possess.

Knowledge should not be restricted. But to know truly, one must recognise the need for it. Knowledge has a peculiar quality; it possess the one who acquires it. In other words the one who earns any knowledge is changed into that knowledge itself. Therefore it is very important that one gains knowledge, be it anything, with the the right preparation. Otherwise it will not give the desired result. The pure knowledge is not tied to any need. Therefore it is rarely possessed. Today we are not talking about pure knowledge.

The need for other forms of knowledge arise from a particular need, which is always specific. We saw that knowledge gives us freedom, but there are experiences which are contrary to this. It is because what you acquired is not related to the situation you are in. Despite this shortcoming, it will take you to the door which can open to acquiring what you truly need there. However you choose to ignore it and turn bitter in such moments. What you must not forget is
knowledge will never fail you even though what you possess is not the right kind in a particular situation. But your bitterness can come in its way. Learn quickly that bitterness has no space in life. A bitter person is a classic example for imperfect knowledge.

It will not let you open the door, making you wake up every day feeling suffocated and falling unconscious every night instead of a restful sleep. Do not try to perfect an imperfect knowledge; just get rid of it immediately.

How? Stop holding on to it. Do not be afraid. Tell yourself continuously, “I seek and possess the knowledge that liberates me”. This very moment take this into your heart and behave effectively, and you will witness every moment that knowledge is giving you freedom.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam