I can always wait - Mahagathe

I can always wait

I can always wait.

शमथ। Samatha

It seems like you are in a race; you worry too much. You end up not enjoying anything you do,
for you feel like it is a race without a finishing line. It makes you sick. Can you stop worrying?

How can you, when you are in a race? You have to win somehow.

Why do you think you are in a race to win? Some say that they are in it just for survival. Winning
or surviving, it is a pathetic way to live. The need to win arise out of the fear of lack of resources
to survive. This makes you feel that life is unjust and you have to fend for yourself with little help
from elsewhere. You begin to grow distant and aloof from everything around you. That is how
you end up in the race.

Life is not a race. Change the way you look at life. Do not be afraid. You are born with power in
you; power not for mere survival, but the power to be YOU. Being worried about survival makes
the power dormant. You forget about expressing yourself. Begin to express yourself without
fear. Do not be concerned about what others will think or say. Do not think that expressing
yourself means not to care about others or hurt others. A genuine expression is neither careless
nor hurtful.

Do not be in a hurry. A plant takes time to bloom. Restlessness will only disturb the bloom. Do
what you are doing as an expression of yourself. You cannot take the paintbrush in your hand
and expect a painting in one stroke. Each stroke is bringing the painting alive. This is the
meaning of expression. You will never grow tired of it.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam