Excitements do not last forever - Mahagathe

Excitements do not last forever

Excitements do not last forever.

शमथ। Samatha

“Am I making the right decision?” You won’t be the only one asking this question. Howsoever
you ask, no decision can be the right decision forever. Therefore you must ask, “Am I making
the right decision now? If you add the right components to your question, the chances that you
make a wrong decision are relatively nil.

This question comes with a rider, “Have I made the right decision?” Your observations in regard
to this question is a prerequisite in making decisions when the next ‘now’ presents itself. In the
absence of such observations, asking the question itself is of no use. Observations always
should lead to adjustments even when your choice was perfect. This is because perfection is
not a monochrome stuck in time. You may have the perfect photograph, but you know that
everything changed the moment the click was done.

Excitements do not let you review your own decisions. They make you freeze at milestones.
Even a significant milestone is nothing more than a grave marker once time passes beyond that
moment. You are not your best photograph, are you? Aren’t you different every day? You have
to pay attention to you every day, don’t you? You must look at life more as a motion picture and
less as a still image.

Do not be afraid to make changes, for even the best decisions are not eternally best decisions.
Do not hesitate to make changes, for even the best decisions need improvements with time.
You do not wear the same clothes you wore as a toddler, do you? Time indeed is the most

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam