October 12, 2019 at 8:00 am bangalore karnataka


The Mahagathe Ashram is prepared to offer the following retreats. Currently the
Ashram does not have the facility to provide in-house retreats, but can host a limited
number of seekers wishing to participate in the Ashram life. Personal attention
and guidance will be provided as per the readiness of the participant.

Simple Retreat (2 nights 2 days)

This basic retreat is ideally held on a weekend, opening on a Friday evening and
closing by Sunday evening. The main focus of the simple retreat is to facilitate
the individual to come face to face with those blocks that are restricting his or
her expression and to open a channel to be free of those. The simple retreat is
quite intense and physically active, and requires the retreatant to be actively
involved for eight to nine hours each day. The minimum recommended number of participants
is ten. It is ideal if the number does not exceed fifteen.

Insight Retreat (2 nights 2 days)

This retreat is conducted for those who have participated in the Simple Retreat
and wishes to go deeper into the Meditative Space. Unlike the Simple Retreat, the
Insight Retreat held in quiet and physical activity is to the minimum. There is
no minimum participant requirement; however the maximum number of retreatants should
not exceed ten.

Deep Calm Retreat (7 nights 7 days)

The Deep Calm Retreat focuses on the individual’s longing to stay connected to the
Source. This retreat combines teaching and practice. Here the retreatant learns
to step into the expansive space of Meditation by incorporating Reflection and Contemplation.
There should be a minimum of eight participants and the total number should not
exceed ten.