Ecstasy is not what I seek, Empowerment is. - Mahagathe

Ecstasy is not what I seek, Empowerment is.

Ecstasy is not what I seek, Empowerment is.

शमथ। Samatha

“I just don’t know why I am alive.” Have you ever felt this way but was compelled to present yourself with reasons? Do you really need a reason to live? I can’t think of any because nobody has come up with the reason to life yet. Life simply is, because it is alive, and you are a breathing expression of that life.

As this expression of life, you possess amazing organs and faculties. Life neither ask anything from you nor ask you to make it better, because life is perfect and nothing you do or think can make any difference to it. Then why are you upset? It is not uncommon that you don’t know many features it packs when you are new to a gadget. How do you figure it all later? By constant use and practice. Let us call it exploration.

Have you explored the amazing faculties you are endowed with? No, you have not. If you have been doing that you would not have been looking for reasons to live. In fact you would not have been looking for a reason for anything. Reasons are like reward points which make you think you are loyal when you are nothing more than a pet waiting for the next treat, a mere neurotransmitter stimulation.

You are the one who has come alive in life. Everything you need is set for you. Explore until you find what is yours. Don’t be fooled by tricks and treats. Keep looking not for a purpose, but for what is yours. All Gods and Goddesses posses a weapon which is theirs. You too have one that is yours made just for you.

That weapon is your empowerment. Nobody else can find it for you or give it to you.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam