Do not judge others whatever the reason is - Mahagathe

Do not judge others whatever the reason is

Do not judge others whatever the reason is


“But that’s not who I am”. Have you heard someone screaming inside your head when somebody tries to tell you who you are? You will agree that you behave the way they describe you more than often, but you have no doubt in your heart that those descriptions do not do justice to who you really are.

While you are absolutely sure the real you is not what others see you as, are you sure that what the other does or say does not decide who he or she really is? It is easier to play with the superficial layer than to see what lies beneath one’s skin. While you seek that understanding for yourself, you may succumb to the instincts when it comes to the other.

On the base level, human beings are no different from any other organism braving this world of survival. Why would an organism like that expend its energy reserve for the benefit of another creature?! This is where we have the ability to rise beyond an organism and experience our being. You do not have to struggle to survive, because you already are who you are meant to be, and so is the other. You have many layers to your being, and so does the other.

Flowers of the same plant look different from each other. Fruits of the same tree do not look alike. This difference is critical to existence. Do not be burdened by how different you are from the other, positively or negatively. Simply know that “you are” and the “other is”. This is existence; you do not know the other, and the other does not know you. You cannot judge what you do not know, can you!


Feel Blessed

Swastham Shantam Sampurnam