Character is tested in how you treat others. - Mahagathe

Character is tested in how you treat others.

Character is tested in how you treat others.

शमथ। Samatha

Nature is powerful. She is the giver of your disposition. Your turn of mind comes alive at her behest. Are you here to be a puppet at her beck and call? Many prefer to be just that, a puppet in the hands of a master without a mind of their own. Nature, with all her inherent power, is neither that master nor does she have any interest in being one to anybody.

Nature gives you your disposition not to dance to her tunes. She has just granted you what you are good at. Do not reflect it back on her. Do not wait for her to give you orders. Take command of what is given to you. Are you sure of the command you want to give to the power that is given to you? No, you are so used to the sound of your own wailing that you enjoy pretending to be a puppet. There is no way anything is going to move ahead in your life if you keep on doing this.

The puppet is a delusion. Nature is the great nurturer. She nurtures you so that you be in command of your life. Have you seen yourself in the same situation again and again? It is she asking you to take command. Only when you give the command, she can unlock the mysteries of the great mind to you. Your mind is the key to the great mind.

Instead of recognising this, what have you been doing?

You were busy characterizing people, giving them what they deserve. What do they deserve? How will you know that when you have no clue of what you deserve? Everyone you come across is the test to reveal your disposition to you. Do not waste it on worrying about insignificant thoughts. Fear, loss, anger and guilt are dregs left behind by events.

Remember that events exist so you give the right command. Do not forget this and go chasing the dregs again. Instead recognise that the others in your life are the philosopher’s stone. One touch with the right command, and your world changes. How long will you pretend to be a puppet, knowing this?

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam