Can you just walk away?! - Mahagathe

Can you just walk away?!

Can you just walk away?!

शमथ। Samatha

“If only I could go on a holiday! But how can I! I am tied up!”
Life must be some hell for you.
“Oh! No, it is wrong to think so, isn’t it?”
Why is it wrong? If that is how you feel, then it must be true. After all you are a nice person.
“Am I really a nice person?”
Why do you even doubt it? But we were talking about holiday, weren’t we?

Imagine living like this in a hell made up of thoughts. You must trade all your wealth for coming out of such a hell. Unfortunately no trade will happen because the only reason for your hellish experience is the “Hmm” at the end.

It says “I am unsure of myself”. You walk away a million times only to find yourself back in the hell. You can change it all. No more “Hmm” in your vocabulary. No more hesitation in expressing yourself.

If you want to go on a holiday, be clear about it and travel. Please stop asking “How can I?” That is hesitation. If I do that, will they think I am not nice anymore? Your life is not to be wasted in posturing. This unconscious masking has created the way others treat you. The way others treat you is only the tail of the snake, the head is your ambivalence.

Do you think the tail will disappear miraculously while you walk away with such a head? If you are unsure, you will resort to such thoughts like ‘cutting of the tail will free me’. If you have the precision in separating the tail from the rest of the body without harming you, use that precision to remove the venom of hesitation which is eating the life out of you first. Then you will give yourself the chance to live a wholesome life without having to trade away.

Feel Blessed
Swastham Shantam Sampurnam