Aim at Excellence in what you are set to do, and for that you have to set yourself free

Aim at Excellence in what you are set to do, and for that, you have to set yourself free.

शमथ। Samatha

You want the best in life, but you rarely think of the work that goes behind it. To have the best,

it is not enough to give your best, but to give yourself to what you do.

How can you give yourself if you are torn apart by multiple occupations!

It is important to be aware of what is holding you back. It is equally important to be ready to

come out of the clutches of those. Here you will come face to face with your insecurities. This is

the point where you must show the courage to stand apart from those familiar bondages. Here

lies the opportunity to set yourself free.


It is not enough to be free. With freedom begins responsibility. The quality of action undergoes a

tremendous shift here. You are constantly drawn to the right knowledge and skills required to

perfect the action. Here you must not hesitate to renew your will to continue the responsibility.


Do not settle for anything less than excellence.

Feel Blessed

Swastham Shantam Sampurnam